AFNW® Services is the exclusive installer of Permatron screening products for one of the largest data center companies in the world. Our teams have installed thousands of screens on all types of applications.

Permatron PreVent® Screens

Reduce Maintenance and Service Calls, Extend Equipment Life and See ROI In Just 1-2 Years.

From cottonwood seeds to bugs, the PreVent system stops airborne debris before it gets inside A/C units, cooling towers, chillers and other HVAC equipment. PreVent air intake filter screens fit on the outside of the unit, keeping contaminants from entering the system
and protecting the vulnerable fill material and coils inside. With the extra protection of the PreVent air intake filter, your pleated, metal mesh or washable electrostatic air filters will last longer, and your AHU’s will work better and more efficiently. PreVent air intake filters
are custom-made in the USA to fit any outdoor air intake, and can be simply brushed or hosed clean, with zero downtime. Installation with our AFNW® Services, services teams will assure you of a quality installation. Installations are backed with a manufacturers five-year warranty.

A proactive approach to equipment maintenance begins with proper filtration. Well maintained equipment costs less to operate, promotes optimal life expectancy and energy efficiencies. Permatron is the first line of defense against harmful outside particulate that can wreak havoc on electronic equipment and human health.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom-sized to fit over fresh air intake louvers
  • Stand up to extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive chemicals, high-velocity air flow
  • and industrial cleaning and maintenance
  • Cause less than 1% change in system discharge pressure
  • Has a low .04-.06 in. w.g. initial resistance to air flow, depending on the filter media and
  • number of layers required
  • UV Protected and heat stabilized
  • Washable
  • Will not shed fibers, absorb moisture or promote bacterial growth
  • UL Classified as to Flammability Only – UL900 Compliant
  • Five-year warranty

PreVent EZ-Rail System ™ Air Intake Filter Screens

No more ladders! Removing and re-inserting your PreVent ®  air intake filters from high or hard-to-reach HVAC fresh air intake louvers is easy with our NEW, patent-pending PreVent EZ-Rail System™.  Once the PreVent EZ-Rail System mounting option has been installed in place, PreVent air intake filters will slide in and out of the system for critical cleaning or equipment maintenance without needing ladders or lifts. The PreVent EZ-Rail System can be used to install either our PreVent Models U or BHA tightly with minimal air bypass. These PreVent air filters play an important role in protecting the components inside your equipment, as well as its high-efficiency interior air filters. Installing the PreVent EZ-Rail System is simple, with high-strength anodized aluminum rail track supports that screw into the louver frame on your equipment enclosure. Each PreVent filter is customized for your unique application and features our exclusive vinyl framing with PVC cords, designed specifically to fit our rail track. The system comes with installation instructions and a 5-year warranty.

Model Types

  • Model PREVENT-EZ-RAIL will be ordered as a kit based on size specifications, including a corded vinyl framed filter with grommets at the bottom, mounts, and aluminum rail system components.

                 Model U1 or Model U2 are constructed with one or two layers of three-Dimensional black honeycomb        polypropylene electrostatic media,  encased in a sewn vinyl edge containing PVC cord on each side of the filter.

                 Model BHA is constructed with one layer of black PVC-coated polyester high-abrasion media, encased in a sewn vinyl edge containing PVC cord on each side of the filter. This media meets NFPA-701 Flame Resistance.

  • Custom vinyl and cord framing allows filter to slide into our patent pending aluminum rail mount system.
  • Vinyl has double row stitching and attaches with stainless steel grommets on the bottom of the filter.
  • Single (with .61″ flange) or double (with 1.2″ flange) aluminum rails, for attaching to louver frame using stainless steel self-tapping screws. single or double option will depend on louver width, and how many filter panels required.  PATENT PENDING
  • Plastic endcaps included to be installed at the bottom of each rail after filter is mounted, and tightened with an Allen head set screws.
Featuring the AFNW Services exclusive intentional bypass window


 Model IN will outperform and outlast a metal mesh panel filter in many applications because of its durability and easy cleanability.  Model IN with a stainless steel frame works well in wet, marine environments where mold and bacteria can be a concern.

Our exclusive Accumulator Chamber® construction features a unitized filter bank design to produce a very effective three-stage filtration process.  Multiple sets of steel framed media is assembled with distinct separation to create a triple action filtration system. This prefilter/afterfilter assembly promotes free air flow with superior dust holding capacity while resisting face loading. Excess particulates sweep through the pre-filter and cross currents within the chamber cause further agglomeration and settlement until the filter is rinsed clean.  No system modifications or electrical hook-ups are needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Polypropylene filter media (available in black or white) contains an inherent electrostatic charge which draws particulates onto the air filter material like iron fillings onto a magnet and will not wash out over time
  • Natural white polypropylene media is an FDA approved material for use in food processing; stainless steel frame recommended
  • Black polypropylene media is UV protected for outdoor exposure
  • Exclusive Accumulator Chamber design for maximum performance
  • Drain holes strategically placed in frame for thorough cleaning
  • Average arrestance efficiency 78%
  • Dust holding capacity 130 grams
  • Initial air flow resistance 0.11″ w.g.
  • Available in any custom size you require up to 1,000 square inches; over 1,000 square inches is available, but requires special handling and not warrantied
  • Filter comes in a 1/2″, 1″ or 2″ thick galvanized steel frame; stainless steel or aluminum frames are available
  • UL Classified as to Flammability Only
  • Five-year warranty

Model Types

  • Model IN features multiple layers of woven electrostatic polypropylene fabric and wire reinforcement encased within a galvanized steel frame.


Permatron acts as a 1st layer of defense against large particulate that can be easily cleaned to lengthen InfiniPleat lifespan and performance. Pre-filters can be eliminated lowering energy costs and reducing overall filter expenditures.

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