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Impact on Industry

Industry leaders agree, AFNW Services’ solutions are an essential part of protecting their business.


Providing innovations in air filtration to protect what you love most.

Serving Our Clients

We provide a comprehensive approach to service.


We are the sole supplier of InfiniPleat®, a UL listed, continuously pleated nanofiber mini-pleated filter. InfiniPleat is scientifically designed and installed to keep even microscopic levels of debris from bypassing. Our unique design provides 3-4 times more surface area than standard filters.

Our testing facility contains a proprietary Air Filter Testing Unit (AFTU) that determines exactly how much life is left in our client’s filters. Thus, filters are changed not a moment too soon, or too late.


We are changing the way businesses think about air filtration. Our products and custom solutions fit our clients’ exact needs every time. Custom design and fit yields ultimate protection, while our testing, analysis and client service optimize air flow and cost savings.

Our clients often have unique and challenging situations and configurations that will not allow for a standard filtration solution. We quickly assess and deliver so our clients can breathe easy.

We are the co-designers and sole supplier of InfiniPleat.


We protect our client partners from catastrophic bypass. Industry leaders trust us to keep their systems safe from environmental damage.

Serving Our Clients

Our service model results in maximum service with minimum touch points. We use a scientifically developed compression fit process to seal gaps and eliminate bypass.

3-4 times more

surface area than standard filters


of filters installed

Innovative solutions

working for you

24 Hours

of continuous, on-call support