Permatron Installation Services

Our operators are trained and certified to operate all types of lift equipment safely.

AFNW® Services is the exclusive installer of Permatron products for one of the largest global data center providers. We provide complete installations of all Permatron products. We will first survey your site and determine sizes and quantities that your site will need. Materials are ordered and manufactured to exacting sizes. Once the materials are received, we will coordinate with staff to schedule the optimal time period for the installation. Our teams will show up on time and on schedule. Each job area will be surveyed for hazards and solutions to those hazards will be determined. Our teams operate safely and efficiently to install each PreVent® screen or IN filter. After each installation day, our crews will clean up the area. Once the job is complete, our teams will request that facility managers walk the job and we will answer any questions or deal with any action items.

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