InfiniPleat is a custom sized, installed product that maintains the highest efficiencies (MERV 13-16) at the lowest pressure drops. It is engineered to eliminate bypass without compromising performance. Built to perform over an extended lifespan, InfiniPleat filters are available in size depths of 1″, 2″ and 4″. InfiniPleat filters typically last 1-2 years.

  1. 4x the surface area of traditional pleated filters for maximum filtration and lowest fan energy cost (lower PUE ratio)
  2. Customized highest efficiency filtration with lowest available pressure drops in the market space (MERV13-16 Mini-Pleat)
  3. 2x service life guaranteed, warranty statement available by request
  4. 100% hydrophobic, antimicrobial, polypropylene nanofiber, UL Listed
  5. Unique spacer beads provide unmatched media strength and rigidity for more surface area
  6. Registered Trademarked product, USPTO

Air Filtration at It’s Best

Fortune 15 companies depend on AFNW Services for efficient airflow, extending the life of hardware and protecting their employees.

More than just a filter

What sets InfiniPleat apart?

The difference is clear.

  • Superior strength and rigidity to withstand wind, rain, and snow
  • Properly pressurizes to completely seal and eliminate bypass
  • Complete microbial moisture barrier
  • Custom size options
  • Protects people and equipment from harmful environmental elements
  • Extends the life of downstream filters
  • Lasts 3x longer than beverage board style filters
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with installation

Staying safe

Why do I need protection from bypass?

InfiniPleat is designed to eliminate bypass by withstanding environmental elements without compromising performance.

Did you know?

  • A single 1mm gap will allow moisture and particulate to enter and affect filter efficiency by 2-5%
  • A 10mm gap causes filters to be 10-30% less effective
  • Microscopic dust particles are conduits for moisture
  • Continual operation in humid environments can cause units to run hot
  • Moisture and particulate can cause circuits to burn

Solving Your Facility Challenges


An electrostatic air filter that contains two 1/4” thick steel panels in a one or two inch thick steel outer frame. Each panel contains two layers of our custom woven industrial polypropylene media with a 3-dimensional waffle weave and expanded wire support both front and back for added durability. The polypropylene and wire support are pressed into the 1/4” thick steel panels, allow-ing the Model IN to be utilized in high velocity systems. The fiber thickness of these four layers of polypropylene media gives the Model IN an extended dust holding capacity. Model IN offers the exclusive Accumulator Chamber ® that increases freedom of air flow and maximizes dust holding capacity.

Permatron Performance

  • Average Arrestance Efficiency: 78%
  • Dust Holding Capacity: 130 gm.
  • Initial Air Flow Resistance: 0.11” w.g.
  • U/L Classified as to Flammability only
  • 5 Year Warranty


A proactive approach to equipment maintenance begins with proper filtration. Well maintained equipment costs less to operate, promotes optimal life expectancy and energy efficiencies. Permatron is the first line of defense against harmful outside particulate that can wreak havoc on electronic equipment and human health.

Permatron Applications

  • Industrial applications where potential dirt load is high and where low resistance and clean ability are critical
  • In locations where high velocity air is pushed through limited filtering surface areas (often found in older HVAC systems)

Why Permatron?

Environmental elements make air intake filtration a challenge. Every piece of equipment, large or small, stationary or mobile, indoors or outdoors, needs preventative maintenance. Dirt, debris and grease are continually coating and insulating your equipment’s coils, condensers, electronic systems, motors, fins and other components that fall in the path of the equipment’s air intake. Airflow obstructions or any kind are a costly expense. Even if foreign objects are not visible, the buildup of airborne dirt will impact the equipment’s ability to work efficiently and require repeated maintenance for cleaning. Dirty equipment means efficiency decreases, heat build-ups, higher discharge pressure and increased amp draw. Forced to run for longer cycle times, at reduced capacity, the equipment eventually breaks down, life expectancy decreases and power costs escalate.

Permatron’s patented equipment protection filters are made of permanent, washable synthetic fabric media, which draws in and traps airborne particulates. The filters are available with either 3-dimensional electrostatic polypropylene media or PVC coated polyester high abrasion media. Enhanced by airflow and custom fit, the filters need no electrical connection or system modifications.  PreVent air intake filters will not restrict air flow to the equipment.

Well-maintained equipment costs less to operate, ensures optimal life expectancy and energy efficiencies. Ensuring that your equipment delivers consistent high-level performance alleviates the need for unnecessary service calls and warranty claims.

How does Permatron work with InfiniPleat?

Permatron products feature the unique Accumulator Chamber® construction for effective and efficient filtration. Years of experience, many thousands of filters and independent laboratory tests have proven that the engineering design of Permatron air filters enables them to outperform the competition.

Each one and two inch thick Permatron filter represents a miniature filter bank; there are in fact two filters in one. The outer steel frame holds two 1/4” panels also housed in steel frames. The three-frame construction, although lightweight, maintains strong support and assures that the media is firmly held in place even over long, hard use.

Between the two filter panels in an air space that is 1/2” wide on a one-inch filter, and 1 1/2” wide on a two-inch filter. This is our exclusive Accumulator Chamber.

Permatron woven filter media allows air to flow through, enhancing its electrostatic charge. This media never loses its charge, as it is an inherent property. The airborne particulates are attracted to the media fibers like iron filings to a magnet. The particulates, attracted to the fibers in the direction of air flow, build up on the fibers without face loading.

If an excess of particulates builds up (due to high concentrations in the air, or failure to clean the filter regularly) on the prefilter, they tend to break off, allowing air flow to sweep them through the prefilter into the Accumulator Chamber. Cross currents within the Accumulator Chamber cause further agglomeration and some settlement until the filter is rinsed. The afterfilter (back panel) attracts and holds particles that escape the prefilter or do not respond to and electrostatic charge.

InfiniPleat is a back panel filter designed with the every property to stop particulate in it’s tracks. Together Permatron and InfiniPleat create a double defense.