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AFNW Services: Rethinking Air Filtration

Think air filtration is simple? It’s not. Standard filters have raw edges that allow moisture to become trapped, causing them to lose shape and allow outside particles through (bypass). Once bypass occurs, toxins and other environmental particles freely flow into the facility. Our products and custom solutions fit your exact air filtration needs and eliminate bypass to keep you safe. We are so confident that you will love our products and services, we have a ROI guarantee.


AFNW Services is an innovation company committed to providing our clients with premier air filtration services.


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Our Clients

Our clients are leaders in their industries. They cannot afford for poor air quality to affect their reputation and disrupt business. That is why they trust us. We stand behind our solutions and services. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Industries Served

We serve a wide range of clients in data center, health care, and semi conductor industries.