Our Services

We provide maximum service with minimum touch points. Our assess, diagnose, design, and deploy model provides our partners with the right solutions for their exact needs. All our technicians are NAFA certified and trained in our unique methodology for a completely refreshing client experience.

Are you experiencing…

  • Filters that buckle under pressure
  • Framed filters that warp with moisture
  • Filters that degrade when wet
  • Filters falling into your duct work or plenums
  • Filters that require changing every 3 months

     Let us help!


  • PUE needs assessments
  • Filtration optimization
  • Testing and diagnostics
  • InfiniPleat filter installation
  • Filter change out
  • Permatron installation
  • Permatron maintenance

Did you know?

According to the consortium of Energy Efficiency, facilities in which proper computer room air conditioning preventative maintenance is completed, will use approximately 15% to 20% less energy than those where systems are allowed to deteriorate. With the high cost of energy it is critical to incorporate cutting edge technologies to maximize efficiencies.

Want to know more?

An overview with pricing

Let AFNW Services assess and diagnose your exact needs for a completely maximized air filtration solution. For a free assessment and quote on AFNW Services products and installation services, please contact:


Getting it right

Why service matters

Our installation methodology is proven to help clients conserve power and save money. We are so confident you will love our products and services, we provide an ROI guarantee.

Our Model

The AFNW Services model to client service is uniquely developed to maximize client experience. Our team quickly and effectively assesses client needs, diagnoses current barriers to optimized filtration and designs and deploys solutions to provide the highest efficiency at the lowest possible resistance, guaranteed. We provide continued testing over the life of our products and offer economical solutions.


Our assess phase begins with a complete understanding of our clients pain points and desired outcomes.


Once the survey is complete, we diagnose current barriers to eliminating bypass.


We design a comprehensive solution to completely eliminate bypass and optimize our client’s current filtration system.


We effectively execute and manage optimized air filtration strategies for our clients.